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Sarah S.  testimonial kuaidial官方源是多少 威锋 千万果粉大本营 kuaidial官方源是多少 威锋 千万果粉大本营 , 观看视频91在在线网站址aa在线线片观看二区美乱欧轮亚 观看视频91在在线网站址aa在线线片观看二区美乱欧轮亚
Hi!! I just saw you had some testimonials on your site and I wanted to leave my own because we love your masks so much and just put in our second order! My mom first found your company and told us about it, and how you had a discount for frontline workers. My husband is a firefighter and as such couldn’t avoid going out, but initially there was such a panic that they couldn’t always provide masks. We ordered 2 adult and 2 youth masks for us and our 2 toddlers. These masks are SUCH high quality! My toddlers are swinging them around, eating food while wearing them, snapping the elastic, and nothing phases them! They wash so well, and none of us have any issues with overheating or feeing our of breath because even though they fit so thoroughly, they’re still super breathable. They’ve ruined all other masks for us 🙂. I constantly get asked where we got such great prints and I always tell them the SilvrWrap website! An extra bonus that we are also in Jersey because we love to shop local! Thanks again!!
Desiree B.  recommends SilvR Wrap.

We just received our masks and Love them! Their comfortable and loving the designs! If we have to wear masks they might as well be snazzy!❤️Thank you SilvRWrap’s


Great masks! Very comfortable and they arrived in just a few days - would recommend to anyone! - Zac C.



Placed two orders for masks, one for my father in NY and my family in NJ. My Dad received his quickly which made me happy as he is older and needed for his safety. Masks for great quality and fit! Thank you and stay safe - Sile C.


Jessica K. recommends SilvR Wrap.

I ordered for my family, so did my parents and brother who is a first responder. The masks are good quality, fit snug and have great patterns or solid colors along with youth sizes.
It’s amazing a company turned his operation over to help the world in this pandemic and create face coverings.
Customer service response was quick and I got my order in a week and a half.


i was very leery at first because the website seemed too simplistic for a real company. But they are in fact legitimate and the owner himself answers emails at all hours of the day! very happy with my masks and love that theres room to wear a moulded dust mask underneath if desired. - Tanya D.



Nick M.  recommends SilvR Wrap.

The bees knees! These masks work as promised. I wear mine every time I leave the house and I bought one for the entire family! I even got a compliment on my face mask! (I can’t make this shit up!). Do yourself and ALL OF US a favor and MASK UP IN PUBLIC! (But make sure you look good doing it and order up one of these bad boys)


Samantha R.  recommends SilvR Wrap.

Masks are amazing! Fit great and such cute patterns. Ordered for my whole family! They came fast and the company is quick to reply to email If you have any questions. Highly recommend!